Are You Ready to Embrace God’s Purpose for Your Life?

Imagine if you had a road map to a better life. One filled with more confidence. One where you have a true sense of purpose that fills you with joy.

Devoutly is the road map you’ve been longing for. These faith-based courses guide you step-by-inspiring step towards a more fulfilling life through the power of faith and spirituality.

Important Message: After carefully considering and evaluating our resources, we have discontinued any new content for Devoutly. This decision was not made lightly, but it will enable us to better serve our community and focus our efforts on enhancing our existing products here at Guideposts. Signing up will still give you access to existing Devoutly content for free.

Step into a life of confidence and purpose with Devoutly!

By integrating Devoutly into your daily routine, you’ll take that all-important first step toward a life brimming with confidence, purpose, and spiritual growth.

Welcome to a life of faith, transformation, and boundless possibilities!

If you want more step-by-step guidance, Devoutly’s comprehensive courses are for you. Each thoughtfully designed program offers specific techniques to help you uncover God’s purpose for your life.


Whether you’re seeking guidance in personal growth, emotional resilience, relationship building, or finding peace amidst chaos, our courses provide the spiritual toolkit you need. Each course blends practical wisdom, scriptural insights, action steps, and life-affirming practices.

Thousands Turn To Devoutly Each Day For:

Daily Dose of Inspiration: Start your day with uplifting videos designed to energize your spirit and align your thoughts with God’s purpose for you.

Engaging Faith-Based Learning: Choose from dozens of courses divided into short lessons that help you trust in yourself and the abilities God gave you.

Interactive Spiritual Exercises: Reflection prompts help you identify what’s most important in your life and how to put greater trust in God to help you reach your goals. A Community of Believers: Join a thriving community where encouragement, support, and shared experiences pave the way for collective spiritual growth.

Take Your next step with Devoutly

Step into Confidence and Purpose

Devoutly is your first step on the journey of a life of confidence, purpose, and unshakeable faith. The inspiring videos and interactive courses will help lift you out of the feeling of “just going through the motions of life” to living with a clarity and joy others can only dream of.

Inspiring Content

Empowering affirmations and short inspirational videos help pave your way toward greater confidence and encourage you to be your best self by trusting in God.

Strengthen Your Faith

Scripture verses and reflections boost confidence, strengthen faith, and help you see all things are possible with God.

Build A Daily Habit

Daily devotions and true short stories–available in both text and audio— connect you to others who share your desire for personal growth and reveal how God is at work in your life.

Connect With God

A Prayer asking for God’s guidance and assistance in transforming your life.

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