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Mon 12/11


Even my failures are a part of God’s plan.
Mon 12/11


Even my failures are a part of God’s plan.


December 11 2023 Story

The Weight of the World

Based on a story by Jerusha Age

Jerusha felt like she’d failed again. This time, with something big. Something that might have hurt someone she loved. The realization cut to her heart and stirred up doubts about other areas of her life. No wonder she couldn’t succeed in her career, relationships, or even her to-do list.  

She tried to cope by flitting from one low-stakes task to another, hoping to boost her confidence so the taste of failure would disappear.  

The Scripture printed on a wall hanging in her house confronted her. Be still. Stillness couldn’t lift her burden, could it? She stopped moving anyway. Took a breath. And gave more thought to the rest of the verse. And know that I am God. 

What does it mean to know God is God? The answer came to her on wings. God is God; she was not. She was going to fail sometimes, but ultimately nothing depended on her being perfect, because she was not God. She needed to stop trying to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. That whole world she was attempting to carry was already held safely in His hands.


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Annie F. Downs
“Brave people don’t let failure define them; they let failure teach them.”

author, speaker and podcast host


The next time you fail, what will you do instead of giving up?

I will remind myself that it is okay that I am not perfect.

I will turn to God and rely on His comfort in a deeper way.

I will affirm that even my failures are a part of God’s plan.

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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