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Wed 12/27


May my willpower be powered by God’s will.
Wed 12/27


May my willpower be powered by God’s will.


November 1 2023 Story

This Businessman Followed God’s Will for His Life

Based on a story by Gerald Rainey

Gerald sat uncomfortably in his seat at church as the worship team played. This was Pastor Gary’s last Sunday—he had been promoted to a district position—and Gerald couldn’t help but think about his own career. He had been struggling for months with the idea of making a change.

Gerald’s wife, Rikki, had a small business as a court-appointed fiduciary for vulnerable clients. If he joined her, he would be able to use his skills as a financial officer to help their clients manage their legal, financial, and medical decisions.

It would mean a major pay cut, though, and he was worried about providing for his family. Starting a business is always risky, and he was hesitant to throw away his successful career. He had prayed for direction, but still felt uncertain.

One Sunday, during worship, Gerald heard God speak to him: Depend on me for everything. “Rikki,” he whispered as to his wife. “I think God just spoke to me. He told me to depend on him.”

Rikki nodded. “Sounds as if you need to make a decision.”

Gerald still wasn’t sure how to proceed. That evening, he began to experience stomach pain so severe that he went to the emergency room. The doctor there mentioned a woman named Lucille to a nurse; she was the patient in the next bed, hidden behind curtains.

The woman who had inspired Rikki to start her business was also named Lucille; she was a senior who was experiencing dire financial circumstances. Rikki was moved to help her and others like her. Could this be the same Lucille? Rikki, as Lucille’s guardian, was able to ascertain that it was!

Gerald’s stomach discomfort faded quickly and he knew that this was the answer to his prayer. He realized that he didn’t have to have all the answers; he just needed to trust God. Soon thereafter, he drafted a letter of resignation and joined Rikki in her new business.

At first, it was tough financially, but they had savings to help, and they found ways to trim expenses. Gerald focused on the satisfaction he got from helping their clients, and from working with Rikki. In time, their business grew. Best of all, Gerald knew that he was exactly where God wanted him to be.


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—Proverbs 16:9
“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”



How will you ensure that your goals align with God’s will?

I will pay attention to signs from God as I move forward.

I will reflect on how my actions will bring glory to God.

I will keep God in mind as I prioritize my next steps.

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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