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Tue 10/31


Joy will be a part of my daily life.
Tue 10/31


Joy will be a part of my daily life.


October 31 2023 Story

This Expectant Mom Found Joy Despite Financial Turmoil

Based on a story by Christina Jobes

“What is our next step?” Christina asked her spouse, Shawn, in what felt like a never-ending cycle of concern. Their relocation from New Jersey to Pennsylvania had not been as seamless as expected. She found herself jobless and to add to their woes, Shawn’s union was going on strike, leaving him without his job—and an income—until a new contract was signed.

Their financial situation was dire; their savings were depleted due to their recent house purchase and the accompanying mortgage payments, and they were expecting their first child. As Shawn was out picketing, Christina pondered the implications of a prolonged strike on their family.

The situation only worsened when Shawn’s company decided to terminate the striking workers’ health insurance. The prospect of out-of-pocket medical expenses worried her. Her job, Shawn’s job, their medical insurance—she felt these things had been stolen from them.

Christina shared her fears with her mother and Ellie, a family friend who was like an aunt to Christina. “God will provide,” her mom assured her.

“I understand exactly how you’re feeling,” Ellie told Christina. “Try to remember the blessings in your life. Like that new baby.”

One day, after paying a hefty tax bill that nearly emptied their savings, Christina received a card from Ellie, congratulating her and Shawn on their soon-to-be new arrival and reminding her to not let anyone steal her baby joy.

This made her realize that, amidst all her worries, she had allowed her happiness to be stolen. She resolved to change her perspective, focusing on the positives in their life rather than the negatives.

When the strike ended seven weeks later, Christina’s positivity was rewarded. She was able to resume her doctor visits and they soon joyfully welcomed their new baby. Christina even found a new job. By the time these blessings arrived, she was fully ready to embrace them, for she had already reclaimed the God-given joy that she had let slip away.


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How will you find and bring joy into your life today and going forward?

I will seek out the things that bring me joy and prioritize them in my schedule.

I will take the time to laugh with my friends and family every chance I get.

I will look for joy in every situation I face, even the difficult ones.

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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