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Fri 9/29


I step into the unknown with my faith.
Fri 9/29


I step into the unknown with my faith.
Romans 8:28
“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”



September 29 2023 Devotion Audio

Remember Your Why

By: Jolynda Strandberg



Remember Your Why

By: Jolynda Strandberg

“Jolynda, share your ‘why’ with us—why do you do what you do?” asked a colleague at a recent conference. Big question! In that moment it was hard to easily sum up the path of my calling, but I immediately knew it started simply. At 12, I met this little old lady. I couldn’t understand a word she said with her heavy accent. But she was holiness, mercy, and grace. I know her as inspiration, and you may know her as Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I knew instantly I wanted the grace she exuded, and so I started my path.   

Like everyone’s, my path has been at times muddled and confusing. Remembering my “why” reminds me the paths laid out by the Lord can be meandering, joyful, and scary; His paths are often filled with grace, but not without tears and challenges. 

As I recalled the specific calling to religious education that I live, I remembered the many other calls I answer: mother, wife, friend, and daughter. So often we tend to align divine calling with work done for and with the kingdom of God directly. The truth is, divine calling comes in many forms, and we answer our calls in many ways. As we experience and embrace our faith, we come to understand God’s intent for our lives. The Lord calls each of us continually, and often in order to embrace our call, we must take a leap of faith and trust God’s timing and ability to equip us to live out our calling, our “why.”


September 29 2023 Story

Follow Your Calling

By Edie Melson

Each of us is precious and unique. God created us special for a purpose—something no one else can ever do. We each feel that kernel of expectation deep within us. And so many of us are afraid to step out and let that dream blossom and grow. 

I learned about stepping out of my own comfort zone by watching our military son. He faced many obstacles—both before and after he enlisted—while he was following his calling. 

First, he had to overcome my objections. Yes, I was proud to have a son who wanted to serve his country. But I also had the perspective of an adult. I knew the price that desire might exact from him. 

Second, he had to push past the expectations of others. All his friends were going on to college. They were on the path for success. He chose to follow his heart and swim upstream from the crowd. 

Third, he had to stay the course through boot camp and the early months of his enlistment. I’m his mother, and I watched some of the things—physical and mental—that he had to overcome. But I only know the surface difficulties. His commitment, like those of others in the military, ran so much further than just skin deep. 

Fourth, he had to face his fears and conquer them. I listened to him speak to a classroom full of high school students after his first deployment, and I’ll never forget what he had to say: “If anyone tells you they’re not afraid in combat, they’re lying to you.” 

Finally, he had to push through the length of his commitment. There were times when his obligation of service stretched before him like an eternity. It was during those seasons that he dug in and remained true to what he’d been called to do. 

We face the same sort of obstacles when God calls us, even if we’re not in military service. But as difficult as it is to follow our calling, it’s also freeing. When we’re serving God in the place He’s prepared, we have a joy and a peace that truly goes beyond any earthly understanding. 

Watching my son has given me the courage to stay the course and let God’s calling blossom as I follow the path He designed me to walk.


What can you remind yourself of if you run into obstacles today?

If I stop and look within, I can feel the kernel of God’s purpose.

Even if the path before me brings challenges, it will also bring blessings.

Divine callings come in many forms. I can answer mine in my own way.

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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