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Wed 11/15


Every “no” I face is a lesson to be learned.
Wed 11/15


Every “no” I face is a lesson to be learned.


November 15 2023 Story

Grit, Grace & God

Based on a story by Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie, a television journalist, had a vision: to create a makeup line that was good for your skin, worked on all skin types and tones and didn’t look as if you were wearing a mask. She also wanted to her makeup to be suitable for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skin tones. She was inspired to create the makeup because she had rosacea, an incurable skin condition that causes unsightly red patches. Since she appeared on camera, the condition was especially problematic for her, even career-threatening. 

But Jamie faced a lot of resistance. When she and her husband, Paulo, first started their company, IT Cosmetics, they were rejected by every major retailer in the country. One potential investor told Jamie that he didn’t think women would buy makeup from someone who looked like her, with her body and weight. That stung and Jamie was understandably discouraged, but she didn’t give up. She knew that she was on a mission from God. 

One day, Jamie and Paulo were at a cosmetics convention when they were approached by a QVC host. They had previously made a presentation to the QVC producers, but their pitch had been unsuccessful.  

“I think our QVC customers would really like this concealer,” said the host, holding up one of Jamie’s products.   

Tears welled up in Jamie’s eyes.   

“Now, sugar,” the host said, “I don’t have any say at all if they take a product or not, but I want you to know I just told the QVC buyer about your product!” 

Jamie and Paulo were given a chance to present their product on air, and they nailed it. They sold 6,000 units of their concealer==the number necessary to pass the audition and be asked back—in just 10 minutes! 

After that, IT Cosmetics took off. Jamie and Paulo were featured on QVC countless more times, becoming the number one beauty brand on the network. The huge retailers that had once rejected Jamie now wanted to do business with her. 

In 2016, Jamie sold IT Cosmetics to L’Oréal and became the first female CEO of a L’Oréal brand in its more than 100-year history. Jamie’s success shows that anything is possible if you have grit, grace, and God on your side. Even when everyone is saying no, God is saying yes. Just listen.


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–James 1:12
“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”



What will you do the next time you face “no” while pursuing your goals?

I will turn to God and pray for guidance through frustration and disappointment.

I will try to see how this obstacle could be an important part of my journey.

I will remind myself that while people say “no,” I can listen for God’s “yes.”

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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