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Thu 11/9


By praising others, I live a life of gratitude.
Thu 11/9


By praising others, I live a life of gratitude.


November 9 2023 Story

In Praise of Praise

Based on a story by Jeanette Levellie

“This tablecloth will never do,” Jeanette told her husband, Kevin, as they set the table one Thanksgiving when their kids, Esther and Ron, were young. “It’s got a stain.” Kev said it didn’t matter, that she could cover the stain with her new turkey salt and pepper shakers.

“But my parents will be here!” she said. They were coming from out of town, and Jeanette wanted everything to be perfect. Her mother’s criticisms from her childhood constantly echoed through Jeanette’s mind, and whenever her parents paid a visit, she braced herself for more fault finding.

Jeanette soon realized she’d lost sight of the reasons for Thanksgiving: celebrating God’s care and provision, showing others how much we appreciate them and spending time with the ones we love. And from that realization arise a new Thanksgiving tradition in her family: Instead of just sharing what they were grateful for around the table, they wrote each other compliments on note cards.

Jeanette got the idea to commit compliments to paper after attending a marriage retreat with Kevin. One speaker at the event said compliments should be put in writing so that the recipient could save them to read whenever they felt invisible or unappreciated. Jeanette decided to implement this idea at their next Thanksgiving dinner.

At first, Esther and Ron resisted the idea, but after they exchanged compliments, they realized how much it meant to them. Ron’s simple note, “You are smart,” made Esther sit up straighter in her chair. And Kevin’s declaration, “I am proud of your singing and writing talents,” brought a joyful tear to Jeanette’s eye.

From that day on, Jeanette resolved to write more notes to her family. She also started writing notes to other people she thought could use encouragement. She found that the act of writing compliments was not only a way to show appreciation for others, but it was also a way to connect with them on a deeper level.

Another benefit of this tradition was that it helped Jeanette let go of her perfectionism. She realized that it was more important to focus on the people she was with and the relationships she had than on having everything perfect. She also knew that the power behind every word she wrote was God’s love.

Jeanette’s story is a reminder that even the smallest gesture can make a big difference. Something as simple as a sweet note of encouragement can brighten someone’s day.


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—Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.



How will you show someone your appreciation the next time you have a chance?

I will keep a positive mindset as I talk with people around me.

I will thank God for the talented and supportive people in my life

I will use my words to show my appreciation to others.

May God’s love encourage and guide your steps today. We’ll see you again soon!

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